Type 4 Ke-Nu

The Type 4 Ke-Nu was a WWII, light tank in service with the Imperial Japanese Army between 1944 and 1945. Developed from the chassis of the Type 95 Ha-Go by the firm Mitsubishi, it saw limited combat action in the last year of the war as only 100 Type 4 tanks were produced. Like all Japanese armored vehicle, it was built with riveted steel plates, having a maximum armor protection of 25-mm at the front. Its armament consisted of one 57-mm gun, mounted in a 360º-rotating turret, which was located at the center of the hull. The track of Ke-Nu had two bogies, with the driving sprocket at the front.


Type: light tank

Crew: 2 (commander/gunner, driver)

Weight: 8.4 tons

Length: 4.3 m

Width: 2 m

Height: 2 m

Engine: one 120-hp, Mitsubishi NVD diesel

Maximum speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)

Range: 160 miles (250 km)


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