Type 95 Light Tank

The Type 95 Ha-Go was a World War II light tank in service with the Imperial Japanese Army between 1936 and 1945. It first saw combat action in late 1937, during the Japanese invasion of China. It was developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with a total production of more than 1,100 Type 95s. It was one of the best tanks produced in Japan, however, compared to the American Sherman M4 and other Allied tanks, it was small, poorly armored, and fitted with too narrow tracks. It was armed with an underpowered 37mm gun, which was mounted in a cramped turret, and a 7.7mm machine gun. It was made of rivited steel plates and was powered by a Mitsubishi NVD-6120, 6-cylinder diesel engine, that generated only 120 horsepower. In China, during the Sino-Japanese War, the Type 95 was unbeatable, but when they had to face the Sherman M4, it became a flimsy military vehicle.



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