Type 97 Te-Ke

The Type 97 Te-Ke was a WWII, Japanese tankette designed and produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, entering service in 1937. It was first deployed in combat in early 1938, during the Sino-Japanese War. It was used by the Imperial Japanese Army infantry in the reconnaissance and fire support roles. The Te-Ke was a light armored vehicle built with rivited steel plates and featuring a small, rotating turret located at the center of the hull. Mounted in this cramped turret was a 37-mm tank gun, which was its main armament. It was also equipped with a 7.7-mm machine gun. The Type 97 was powered by an Ikega, 4-cylinder diesel engine, that delivered 48 horsepower. Its tracks had two bogies and one fronta,l driving sprocket wheel. This small light tank was operated by a crew of 2.


Type: tankette

Weight: 4.7 tons

Length: 3.7 m

Width: 1.8 m

Height: 1.7 m

Maximum speed: 26 mph (42 km/h)



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