USS Albacore SS-218

Commissioned in 1942, the USS Albacore SS-218 was a World War II submarine used by the US Navy in the Pacific Theater of Operations. She belonged to the Gato-class of submarine and was built by Electric Boat Co, in Gronton, Connecticut. Her weaponry consisted of twenty-four Mark-14 torpedoes, launched through ten 533mm (12″) torpedo tubes, one 76mm (3″) deck gun, and one 20mm Oerlikon gun. On June 19, 1944, USS Albacore attacked and sank the Imperial Japanese carrier Taiho, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. On November 7, 1944, she hit an enemy naval mine off the coast of Hokaido and sank. During her short service with the US Navy, she sank two Japanese destroyers, one light cruiser, one cargo ship, one troop transport, and one fleet aircraft carrier.


Length: 95 m (103 yd)

Beam: 8.4 m (9 yd)

Draft: 5.2 m (17′)

Displacement: 2,424 tons (submerged)

Power plant: 4 GE electric motors, with two screws, and four General Motors diesel engines, delivering 5,400 hp

Speed: 20 knots

Crew: 80

Commanders: Richard C Lake, Oscar E Hagberg, James W Blanchard, Hugh R Rimmer


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