VBM Freccia IFV

The VBM Freccia is an armored infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) developed from the B1 Centauro by Fiat-Iveco and Oto Melara for the Italian Army. This wheeled IFV has a Hitfist Plus turret armed with an Oerlikon KBA 25mm automatic cannon and two 7.62mm machine guns. The VBM Freccia has an all-welded steel armored hull which is designed to withstand in the baseline configuration 14.5 mm bullets and shell fragments with protection against 25mm munition on the frontal section. Protection can be upgraded by the addition of bolt on appliqué armor which increases protection against 30mm rounds. It is powered by an Iveco V6 turbo-charged after-cooled diesel engine, generating 512 horsepower. "VBM" stands for Veicolo Blindato Medio (medium armored vehicle), and "Freccia" means "arrow".

Specifications for the VBM Freccia

Type: armored, wheeled infantry fighting vehicle
Weight: 26 tons
Width: 2.94 m (9.65ft)
Hull Length: 7.85 m (25.75ft)
Height: 3 m (9ft)
Crew: 3 (commander, driver, gunner), plus 7 fully-equipped infantry soldiers
Engine: one 512hp, Iveco V6 turbo-charged after-cooled diesel engine
Maximum speed: 110 km/h (75mph)
Range: 800 km
Weapons: one Oerlikon KBA 25mm automatic cannon; two Spike ML/LR anti-tank missiles; two 7.62mm machine guns; eight 80mm smoke grenade launchers

8×8 Wheel VBM Freccia in Action (Video)

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