Walther MPK

The Walther MP is a German 9mm submachine gun produced between 1963 and 1985. It was in service with the West German Navy during the Cold War and is still being used by the Brazilian and Colombian armed forces. Chambered for the 9x19mm Parebellum cartridge, it is blowback-operated and is fed from a 32-round detachable box magazine, having a rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute. It was manufactured in two versions: the MPK and MPL, with the letter “K” standing for “kurz” (short) and the “L” for “lang” (long); the first one features a 17.3-cm-long barrel, and the second one a 26-cm-long barrel. The Walther MPK’s effective range is 100 m and the MPL’s 200 m. Both variants are fitted with a folding steel stock. This German submachine gun is very reliable, with no jams, and easy to use.


Walther MPK Shooting

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