Ways To Pass A Test

A Few Tips To Pass Your Drug Test

You can also keep it close to a warm water bottle in your backpack or purse. Another issue that you could face when using this method is when you are taking the test. There are many drug testing facilities which require the technician performing the test to wait right by the restroom door until you are finished. If they hear any strange sounds such as a cap opening, an elastic band snapping, or a plastic bag crinkling, they will become suspicious, and you could end up failing the test. While this is an effective way to pass a drug test, it is risky.  

Tip: Take a Diuretic

If it is at your local pharmacy, you can purchase a diuretic to help you flush out your system. Diuretics make you go to the bathroom often. The more you go to the bathroom, the more you will flush out your system. It is important that you don’t take too many diuretics. Excessive use can cause your urine to turn blue, which will be a red flag. If your urine is blue, you are going to fail the test.  

Tip: Timing Method: When it comes to taking a drug test after you have been using, timing is everything. When you first wake up in the morning, your urine is at its dirtiest. This is because it has been sitting in your bladder all night long. Before you go in for your test, you should try to go to the bathroom at least twice to flush the dirty urine.

When you get to the clinic to take your urine test, you should pee in the toilet for a second or two before you collect your sample in your cup. When you do this, you will be able to catch the cleanest sample possible. You can learn more about real powdered urine in other places. While the timing method is a good option, you should not trust this method alone. It is best to use this method in conjunction with another if you want to pass your drug test.  

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Test   

Because drugs tend to stay in your hair longer than in your blood or urine, there are some employers and court systems who will require that you take a hair follicle test than a urine test. Currently, the most commonly used method is a urine test because urine tests are inexpensive. Hair follicle tests cost more, therefore, unless your employer or the court is having you take the test at your own expense, you will likely be ordered to take a urine test.