Weapons in Battle of Midway

During the vicious fighting of the Battle of Midway, both sides used powerful naval weapons to destroy and defeat their enemy. Most of the armament were either carried on board or mounted on the decks of warships, such as aircraft and heavy naval guns respectively; thus, from this point of view, all types of warships were in themselves seagoing weapons, bristling with artillery. However, the weapon that played a decisive role in this military engagement was the aircraft, taking off the flight deck of carriers to drop bombs and torpedoes on the enemy or to intercept incoming fighters.

1- Aircraft used. The Japanese Navy had a total of 250 carrier-based fighters and dive bombers, while the American had at their disposal 355, including those deployed on Midway.

Torpedo/dive bombers

US Navy: SBD Dauntless, SB2U Vindicator, TBF Avenger, B-17 Flying Fortress (deployed on the island of Midway)

Imperial Japanese Navy: Aichi D3A, Nakajima B5N


USN: Grumman F4F Wildcat, Brewster F2A Buffalo

IJN: Mitsubishi A6M “Zero”

2- Aircraft Carrier

See American carriers used at the battle

IJN: 4 (Soryu, Hiryu, Akagi, Kaga)

Battleships / Heavy Cruisers

USN: 7

IJN: 2 (Kirishima and Haruna, which were both fitted with eight 14-in guns each)


USN: 15

Japanese Navy: 


There were approximately 15 US submarines deployed in the area, one of them was the Nautilus

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