Weapons used in Angolan Bush War

A wide variety of weapons were used in the Angolan Bush War (Border War). Most of them were made in South Africa under license.


South African Army/Police: Olifant Mark Ia, which was a local, upgraded version of the British Centurion tank, which proved to be superior to the Soviet tanks used by the oposing forces.

People’s Liberation Army of Namibia/Cuban Forces: Soviet-made T-34 and T-55 tanks



South African Army/Police: 155mm G6 self-propelled howitzer; 155mm G5 towed howitzer; 87mm GV1 25-pounder towed field gun.

People’s Liberation Army of Namibia/Cuban Forces: 130mm M-46 field howitzer


Armoured Infantry Vehicles

South African Army/Police:

Eland-60 (a 4×4 wheeled, mounting a 60mm mortar); Eland-90 (the same armoured vehicle but mounting a 90mm gun instead of the mortar).

Ratel 90 / ICV/ ZT3 (three versions of the same 6×6, wheeled armoured vehicle, with each one of them being armed with a 90mm gun, a 20mm gun, and anti-tank missiles respectively).

Casspir, Wolf Turbo, and Buffel APCs (these were mine-protected armoured vehicle that transported troops).

Down below: Eland-90, Ratel-ZT3, and Casspir





Infantry Weapons

South African Army/Police: R4 and FN FAL assault rifles; UZI submachine gun; FN MAG submachine gun; M3 81mm and M-4 60mm mortars

People’s Liberation Liberation Army of Namibia/Cuban Forces: AK-47 and FN FAL assault rifles; 7.62mm RPK light machine gun; 7.62mm PKM general purpose machine gun; 14.5mm ZPU-I heavy machine gun.


South African Army/Police: Mirage F-1 fighter; Impala Mk II (Aermacchi MB-326) and Blackburn Buccaneer ground-attack aircraft; Puma transport helicopter.

People’s Liberation Army of Namibia/Cuban Forces: MiG-21 fighter

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