What Makes a Gun Efficient?

For a modern firearm to be efficient, it must be lethal enough to effectively kill the enemy before he kills you, and for this, it must have five prerequisites or qualities: 1) dependablility, which means that the moving parts of the self-loading and cartridge case ejection systems must not get jammed or stuck; 2) accuracy, that is to say that the barrel and sights must be perfectly aligned and remain that way after each shot; 3) stopping power, which entails that the gun must be fitted with a big or powerful enough caliber in order to stop dead a fanatical, bayonet-fixed, charging enemy; 4) firepower, which is the gun mechanical capacity to deliver enough rounds on the enemy in a short period of time; 5) enough rounds in a magazine when launching an assault on an enemy position. These features depends on the quality of materials and design used to make the firearm, and apply to a rifle, a submachine gun, a machine gun, and a pistol. The degree of a gun lethality is of the utmost importance if you go to a war, for it is what is going to bring you back alive; the more lethal, the safer you are going to be. However, the soldier using the gun must also be highly trained, because training is a complement of a gun efficiency.

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