WW2 British Infantry Weapons

When the United Kingdom entered World War II in 1939, the British Infantry had about the same firepower than the German counterpart, for the standard weapon of the British foot soldier was also a bolt-action rifle that had more or less the same rate of fire and effective range than the German contemporary, the Mauser 98K. To considerably increase the firepower output, the British Infantry was also equipped with a submachine gun, a light machine gun, and heavy machine gun. As support weapons, their soldiers were armed with three types of mortars, a light gun, and an anti-tank bomb launcher.

List of British Infantry Weapons used in WW2

1- Lee-Enfield

2- Webley and Enfield Nº 2 revolvers

3- Sten gun

4- Bren light machine gun

5- Vickers

6- ML 2″ mortar

7- ML 3″ mortar

8- SB 4.2″ mortar

9- Howitzer Mk II. A 94mm short-barreled light gun

10- PIAT (Projector Infnatry Anti-Tank). A man-portable weapon which fired anti-tank projectiles

A British 2″ mortar in action in North Africa



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