WW2 French Aircraft

Although the French Air Force was equipped with modern low-winged monoplane fighters when World War II broke out, they were slow aircraft and they were heavily outnumbered by fast German fighters, which would wipe most of the French aircraft out of the sky during the Battle of France the following year. On the other hand, the French bombers had been well developed and were not inferior to German bombers.; however,  most of them were destroyed while they were still on the ground by German ground-attack aircraft.

List of WW2 French Aircraft


Dewoitine D.520. Introduction: early 1940. Max speed: 560 km/h. Weapons: one Hispano-Suiza HS404 20mm gun, four 7.5mm machine guns. Number built: 910.

Bloch MB.150. Introduction: 1938. Max speed: 509 km/h. Weapons: two Hispano-Suiza HS404 20mm cannons. Number built: 660.

– Morane-Saulnier S.M.406. Introduction: 1938. Max speed: 486 km/h. Weapons: one Hispano-Suiza HS404 20mm cannon, two 7.5mm machine guns. Number built: 1,176.

Caudron C.714. Introduction: 1940. Max speed: 460 km/h. Weapons: four 7.5mm machine guns.

Dewoitine D.500. Introduction: 1935. Max speed: 400 km/h. Weapons: one 20mm gun, two 7.5mm machine guns.

Arsenal VG-33. Introduction: 1940. Max speed: 558 km/h. Range: 1,200 km. Weapons: one 20mm gun, four 7.5mm machine guns.

Potez 630. Two-engined aircraft introduced in 1938. Max speed: 425 km/h. Weapons: seven forward-firing 7.5mm machine guns, bombload: 200-kg of bombs.

Loire 46. Introduction: 1936. Max speed: 370 km/h. Weapons: four foward-firing 7.5mm machine guns.


Lioré et Olivier LeO 45. Medium bomber. Introduction: 1938. Max speed: 495 km/h. Range: 2,900 km. Bombload: 1,500 kg. Number built: 560.

Farman F.220. Heavy bomber introduced in 1935. Max speed: 320 km/h. Range: 1,900 km. Bombload: 5,190 kg. Number built: 80.

Amiot 354. Medium bomber introduced in 1940. Max speed: 450 km/h. Range 3,500 km. Bombload: 1,200 kg.

Amiot 143. Medium bomber. Introduction: 1935. Max speed: 295 km/h. Range: 1,300 km. Bombload: 800 kg. Number built: 138.

Bloch MB.200. Introduction: 1933. Max speed: 285 km/h. Range: 1,000 km. Bombload: 1,000.

Below: Bloch MB.150 fighter


Below: Morane-Saulnier MS.406 fighter


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