WW2 German Artillery

Although the Wehrmacht had at its disposal thousands of tanks and ground-attack aircraft to provide fire support to its ground forces, the German Army also made extensive use of artillery pieces of all kind to carry out the different types of missions, to destroy heavily-protected, concrete fortresses, to lay siege to a city, and to attack enemy troops in direct and indirect fire modes. The Germans also employed artillery pieces against anemy armored vehicles and aircraft, called Pak (anti-tank) and Flak (anti-aircraft) guns, respectively; the German industry made excellent and lethal anti-tank and AA guns, such as the 88mm Flak, also used as a Pak. Down below, you can find the links to the different type of artillery pieces used by the Wehrmacht during World War II.

Types of Artillery used by Germany during WW2

Heavy Artillery

Field Artillery

Anti-tanks Guns

Anti-Aircraft Guns

German Artillery in Action (video)

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