WW2 German Infantry Weapons

During World War II, the German Infantry was equipped with a wide range of weapons to overcome the different obstacles that constantly cropped up in their way to conquer enemy territory. These lethal obstacles took the forms of ordinary enemy foot soldiers, machine gun nests, bunkers, armored vehicles, and tanks. Although the German soldier lacked a standard semi-automatic rifle that provided him with a relative high individual firepower, such as the American M1 Garand. the Wehrmacht infantry units were armed with the best machine guns of World War II; the MG 34 and MG 42, which had the highest rate of fire of all machine guns, with 1,200 and 1,500 rpm respectively. To wipe out machine gun nests, they had mortars; to put gun-equipped bunkers out of action, they were armed with flame throwers; and to knock out all sort of armored vehicles they were equipped with the best anti-tank weapons of the war.

Complete List of German Infantry Weapons

1- Mauser K98: the standard rifle of the ordinary foot soldier

2- Luger 08 Pistol: German officer side arm

3- MP38 & MP40 (Schmeisser): 9mm submachine gun

4- FG 42: automatic assault rifle employed by airborne troops

5- StG 44: automatic assault rifle used by mechanized infantry units of the Waffen-SS

6- MG 34

7-  MG 42

8- 5cm leichte Granatwerfer 36: 50mm light mortar

9- 8cm schwere Granatwerfer 34: an 81mm heavy mortar

10- Panzerwurfmine: anti-tank grenade

11- 8.8cm Raketenwerfer (Püppchen): anti-tank rocket launcher

12- Panzerfaust: anti-tank weapon

13- Light anti-tank guns

14- Raketenpanzerbüchse RPzB 43/54: German anti-tank bazookas

15- 7.5cm leichte Infantriegeschütz: infantry support gun

16- Flammenwerfer 35 / 41: flamethrowers


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