WW2 German U-Boats

The sinking of the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee at the naval Battle of the River Plate, early in World World II, by British warships demonstrated that the German surface fleet was not big and strong enough to challenge the Royal Navy. Thus, from then on, Germany decided to entirely rely on its U-boats fleet as the only effective means to destroy and sink as many Allied merchant and warships as possible, and sever the British supplylines that came from America. So, for the task of isolating the British Isles and starve their war industry, Nazi Germany developed five submarine types in the struggle for control of the Atlantic, with Type VII being the most widely produced. The German U-boats were the most advanced submarines in WWII, with a long range capability as most of them were designed to operate away from home ports in the Atlantic Ocean. Some of them were double-hulled and electrically propelled.

WW2 German Submarines by Types

Type II U-boats

Type VII

Type IX

Type XXI




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