WW2 Infantry Weapons

Since the infantry is the branch of the Army that conquers and secures an enemy-held territory for the nation the infantrymen represent, World War II infantry weapons were strategically as important as big-caliber howitzers, tanks, and bombers. They were varied and ranged in calibers from 8mm pistols to 75mm infantry support guns; and when the artillery or ground attack aircraft were absent, the foot soldier had a his disposal a wide variety of powerful weaponry to get rid of the most lethal obstacles that cropped up on his way to victory. Thus, anti-tank grenade launchers, demolition explosives, and flame throwers were also used to put out of action enemy armored vehicles, machine gun nests, and gun-emplacement bunkers. Like rabid ants, the infantry swarmed over enemy land, using their vicious tools of duty to snuff out any resistance.

List of WW2 Infantry Weapons by Country

United States of America


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