WW2 Italian Tanks

During World War II, the Italian Army fielded light and medium tanks which were used in combat in North Africa and on the Eastern Front to fight against Allied forces and the Red Army respectively. Their turrets and hulls were not cast in one piece but made of riveted steel plates. Although they were reliable military vehicles, from the mechanical point of view, with average armor protection, they  had underpowered guns that could not destroy a Soviet T-34 tank or even put out of action the British Churchill tank from a distance further than 400 m. By October 23, 1942, the date the Battle of El Alamein broke out in North Africa, most of the Italian armored vehicles had been outclassed by the Allied tanks. However, they were very useful when it came to provide fire support to spearhead infantry units.

List of WW2 Italian Tanks


Fiat L 6/40. Weight: 6.8 tons. Armament: one 20mm gun. Crew: 2


Fiat M 11/39. Weight: 13.5 tons. Armament: one 37mm gun; one 8mm machine gun. Crew: 4

– Fiat M 13/40. Weight: 14 tons. Armament: one 47mm gun, plus an 8mm machine gun

– Fiat M 14/41. It was an M 13/40 but equipped with a more powerful engine

Fiat M 15/42. Weight: 15.5 tons. Armament: one 47mm gun; one Breda 8mm machine gun

Below: a Fiat M 15/42 in 1943


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