WW2 Japanese Infantry Weapons

Although the Japanese Army infantry men were among the most ferocious and highly trained foot soldiers in World War II, the standard weapons he carried and used lacked the firepower of the American counterparts. The need for automatic rifles and submachine guns was never met as it was overlooked by Japanese commanders. They also lacked powerful and effective support and anti-tank weapons in order to stop the advance of the US Sherman tanks once they landed on the Pacific islands beaches, having to depend entirely on the artillery and aviation.

List of Japanese Infantry Weapons

1- Arisaka Type 38

2- Arisaka Tye 99; a bolt-action rifle developed from the Type 38

3- Type 100; an 8mm submachine gun, fitted with a detachable 30-round box magazine

4- Type 96

5- Type 94 Shiki Kenju

6- Type 97; fragmentation hand grenade

7- Type 89 mortar

8- Type 92 Battalion Gun

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