WW2 Most Ferocious Battles

Down below, you will find the links to the top six most ferociously fought battles of World War II, according to the death ratio, number of troops involved, length, fire power intensity, variety of infantry weapons used, and soldier savagery.

1- Battle of Stalingrad. It took place from August 23, 1942, to February 2, 1943, in Soviet city of Stalingrad (Volgograd), on the Volga River, Russia. The German 6th Army was completely destroyed.

2- Battle of Peleliu. Fought from September 15 to November 27, 1944, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Pacific Theater.

3- Battle of Berlin. From April 16 to May 2, 1945, in the capital city of the Third Reich

4- Battle of Iwo Jima. From February 19 to March 26, 1945, Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands, Western Pacific.

5- Battle of Okinawa. Fought from April 1 to June 22, 1945, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, Japan.

6- Battle of Tarawa. It took place from November 20 to November 23, 1943, Betio island, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, South Pacific.

battle of Stalingrad footage

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