WW2 Tanks

In WW2, tanks played a very important strategic role, almost as important as aircraft, decisively contributing to win a battle. Although they did not win the war, the Germans were the ones who used them in the most effective way, in massive formation, organized around independent armored units that were the spearhead of any ground offensive, attacking the enemy lines simultaneously with the Luftwaffe aircraft. This was called the Blitzkrieg. From the reliability, protection, and effectiveness point of view, the German and Russian tanks were by far the best armored vehicles of the war, followed by the British and the American ones. In contrast with these nations’, the Italian and Japanese tank turret and hulls were not made in one cast piece, but were built with steel plates riveted together to form the whole. In terms of armor protection, gun power, and speed, the Japanese tanks were the less effective armored vehicles of the WW2.

List of WWII Tanks by Country

German tanks

Russian tanks

British tanks

French tanks

American tanks

Italian tanks

Japanese tanks

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Below: Panzerkampfwagen VI “Tiger I” tank


Tanks of WWII in Action (video)

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