WWII British Tanks

During the first years of World War II, the British Army did not organize their tank force into independent armor units, such as the Germans did from the very beginning of the armed conflict, but rather they used their tanks to reinforce infantry units and provide their ground troops with fire support. Although the British made good reliable tanks, they were generally undergunned and were no match for their German counterparts, such as the Panzer IV, Panther, and Tiger tanks fielded by the Wehrmacht. Basically, the United Kingdom made two types of armored vehicles: Infantry and Cruiser tanks. Not all the infantry tanks were light armored vehicles as some of them were slightly heavier than the cruisers; they were called infantry tanks because their role was to operate together with British spearhead infantry units, tearing out holes in the enemy lines for the ground troops to pour in. Cruiser tanks, on the other hand, were designed to be faster and to move independently from the British infantry.

List of WW2 British Armored Vehicles

Infantry tanks

– Vickers. A 5-ton light infantry tank, armed with a .50-caliber machine gun

Tetrarch light tank




Cruiser tanks

Crusader Mk VI

Cromwell Mk VIII

– Challenger. A 32-ton tank, fitted with a 76mm gun

– Centaur. Developed from the Cromwell, it weighed 28 tons and was armed with a 76mm gun

Comet A-34

Below: infantry tank Churchill


Below: cruiser tank Crusader


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