WWII French Tanks

Although the French tanks saw limited service with the French Army during World War II, the Wehrmacht would use them after the Battle of France to reinforce some of their armor units, from June 1940 until the end of this armed conflict. Despite the fact of having underpowered guns, they were good reliable tanks, which had been developed and manufactured in the 1930s. Two of them were even more advanced than the German Panzer I, II, and III. However, they were not fielded properly, for they were not organized around independent armored units, but they were mixed with the French infantry to provide fire support.

List of WWII French Tanks

Light Tanks

– AMR 35. Weight: 6.5 tons. Armament: 25mm gun; 7.5mm machine gun

– Hotchkiss H-35. Weight: 11 tons. Armament: 37mm gun

Hotchkiss H-39

Renault R-35

Medium Tanks

Somua S-35. Weight: 19 tons. Gun: 47mm

Heavy tanks

Char B1-bis. Weight: 31.5 tons. Gun: 75mm and 47mm


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