ZK 383

The ZK 383 was a Czech 9mm submachine gun used by German troops during World War II. Designed and developed by Koucky brothers, it was manufactured by Zbrojovka Brno factory from 1938 to 1948. Firing from an open bolt, the ZK 383 had a straight blow-back action and used a 30-round box magazine. It was a relatively large and heavy weapon for the sub-machine gun class; however, the Czech ZK 383 was very well made from machined parts and had such luxuries as a bipod and a variable rate of fire. Thus, this submachine gun could fire at the rate of 500 or 700 rpm, the fire rate being altered by the addition or subtraction of a small 0.17-kg (0.37-lb) weight to the breech block – with the weight removed the breech block could move faster and thus the rate of fire could be increased. The ZK 383 could have a quick change of barrel. The bulk of these weapons was later produced for the German Waffen SS, who found it a heavy but reliable weapon.


Type: submachine gun
Country of origin: Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer: Zbriojovka Brno
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel length: 325 mm (12.8 in)
Weight (loaded): 4,83 kg (10.65 lb)
Rate of fire: 500 or 700 rpm (cyclic)
Effective range: 100 – 150 m
Feed: 30-round box magazine

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