Pills, lotions and penile enlargement surgeries have been practiced for decades without providing any results but in turn causing more side effects. So which medical device can ensure good results? The answer to that is simple, penile extenders. Penile extenders are medical devices that stretch out the penis in a safe way making sure to not only enlarge the penis but to also improve the erectile functioning as well.

Keep on reading to know how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way with using the best medical extenders available in the market.

  1. The Quick Extender Pro:


Features: With the unique Double Strap Support system, the extender comes in the two loops. The loops help to take some of the load of the penis when you wear the extender ensuring an effective enlargement process. The formation of unpleasant odor is quite common with basic extender. There are also air pads in the extender which makes the skin breathe, this feature makes sure that growth of bacteria that causes odor is prevented. The material used in the extender are all medical grade materials picked carefully to prevent odor and to also fashion your comfort needs!

Guaranteed results: The penis enlargement process occurs in both length and girth. The extender promises good results with only one month of use, the company has developed a penis traction method that is more advanced than any other extenders in the market. The 6-month money back policy also makes sure that this medical device is not here to fool anyone but to provide its consumers with the best. Penis enlargement is a very sensitive topic and one would only want to achieve good results when using a method for it. This medical device is the best option available.

  1. Phallosan Forte


Features: This medical extender comes in with a feature that is not only unique, but is designed especially to help enlarge your penis. The device comes in with a multi directional rod system. With this rod or vaccum, you can adjust the angle of the extender according to your preferences if you want to correct the curvature of your penis. It has a fastening belt with it which helps to take some off the load of the penis. The extender is made with materials that make this device lightweight and easy to use even during sleep and while doing your daily chores. With the rod feature, the Phallosan Forte is attached with the head of the penis by using its special vacuum protector system reducing the risk of numbness.

Easy to use: This medical device features a system that is very easy to follow. The consumer must make sure to follow all the instructions and the techniques carefully to benefit with good results. The extender is comfortable for use and the unique design of the extender makes sure that you get good results in a short span of time.

  1. Size Genetics:


Features: With consistent use of the device, the result it provides are up to the maximum potential while also maintaining a steady comfort level throughout the process. The extender comes in with strap and a loop and it is up to the user to use the one which seems fit to him. The extender allows space for the new tissues of the penis to grow in. The design of the extender is simple, making it very easy to use and to make the consumer feel as little pain as possible. There is no pain felt when using this mechanical device, just a little discomfort in the beginning and then you are ready to go! The extender promises what every good extender should, which is good erectile functioning of the penis along with the enlargement.

FDA certified: SizeGenetics has undergone numerous clinical trials and scientific results in the United States by well-known scientists and doctors to make the extender a proven medical device that can be used safely by people. The device satisfies every strict FDA regulation and is FDA approved and is also registered as a medical type one device.

Penile extenders can give you your desired results in a quick and effective way within the safety guidelines. As much as we must appreciate ourselves for the way we are, there is absolutely no harm in using such medical devices to boost your self-esteem. Penile extenders make sure to give you your desired results with also helping you improve your self-confidence. Confidence comes from within, and this is an important thing to implement on yourself in order to lead a successful life. Being medically approved by well-known medical professionals, you shouldn’t be worried about it not being safe.