Attack Submarine

An attack submarine is a submersible vessel which is armed and equipped to attack enemy warships and strike targets inland, located either on an island or on a continent. Propelled by nuclear or conventional power, a modern attack submarine of the US or British navy is armed to destroy land targets located 1,500 km away from […]

WW1 Chemical Warfare


WW1 was the first armed conflict in history in which man used poisonous chemicals to defeat the enemy as both sides used them in an attempt to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare. The German Army was the first army to employ a chemical as a weapon; it was in the Second Battle of Ypern, […]

Astute Class Submarine


An Astute class submarine is one of a series of British attack submarines, powered by nuclear energy and capable of unlimited range. Developed and produced by BAE Systems, the first of the class, HMS Astute S119, was launched in 2007 and commissioned in the Royal Navy on August 27, 2010. while HMS Ambush S120 entered service […]

WW2 Tanks


In WW2, tanks played a very important strategic role, almost as important as aircraft, decisively contributing to win a battle. Although they did not win the war, the Germans were the ones who used them in the most effective way, in massive formation, organized around independent armored units that were the spearhead of any ground […]

WW2 US Tanks

The United States did not field good enough tanks during most of World War II as they were greatly outmatched by their German counterparts. They were easily destroyed by their 75mm and 88mm high-velocity guns at 2,000 m away. It was only in the last months of the war that the US Army introduced an […]

Modern British Fleet


The modern british fleet of the Royal Navy is composed of 1 aircraft carrier (HMS Illustrious R06), 1 amphibious assault ship (HMS Ocean L12), 1 amphibious transport dock (HMS Albion L14), 13 Duke-Class frigates, 6 Daring-Class destroyers, 7 attack submarines (2 Astute-Class and 5 Trafalgar-Class), 4 ballistic Vanguard-Class submarines, 7 minehunter vessels, and 8 mine […]