Best Tank of the Cold War

Until the introduction of the Abrams M1 and the Challenger 1 in 1980 and 1983 respectively, the number one tank of the Cold War period was the Chieftain FV4201, a 56-ton British main battle tank that had entered service in 1966. Superior by far to the M-60 Patton, both in armor and gun power, it […]

Marder II


The Marder II was a German an anti-tank, tracked vehicle used by the Wehrmacht during World War II. Fielded in late 1941, it was composed of the Panzer II tank’s chassis and the 7.5-cm Pak 40 gun, which was fitted with a frontal and lateral steel shield that protected its servers. The Pak 40 (Panzerabwehrkanone […]

Battle of Marathon (Summary)

The Battle of Marathon was a military engagement which was fought between the Greek Army and the invading Persian forces, in 490 BC, near the town of Marathon, about 120 miles northeast of Athens, Greece. The reason for the Persian invasion of Greece was the Athenian support of the Greek Ionian cities in Asia Minor […]

Type 74 Tank


The Type 74 is a Japanese main battle tank developed and produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, entering service with the Japanese Ground Self Defence Force in 1975. It replaced the Type 61 and, as for 2015, is being withdrawn from service. Powered by a 750 hp diesel engine, the Type 74 features a 105-mm, rifled […]

Battle of Plataea

The Battle of Plataea took place in August 479 BC, during the Greco-Persian Wars. While the Persians, under King Xerxes I, were attempting for the second time to expand their empire’s borders westward, into the Mediterranean area, the Greeks were defending not only their territory, but their lifestyle, and freedom. Thus, it was a fierce […]

2K22 Tunguska


The 2K22 Tunguska is a self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon system in service with the Russian Army since 1982. ¬†Developed and manufactured by Ulyanovsk Mechanical Factory, it consists of two 30-mm 2A38M anti-aircraft auto cannons, eight 9M311 surface-to-air missiles, and an alert and tracking radar mounted on the GM-352 tracked chassis, which is powered by a 750 […]