How to stabilize Iraq

To stabilize Iraq, this country has to be given the same Allied political treatment given to Japan right after World War II. When this country lost the war to the United States of America in August 1945, it was put under the military government of General Douglas MacArthur for five years. Thus, during the postwar […]

F-105 Thunderchief Bombing Raids in Vietnam


Although the first bombing raids carried out by the Republic F-105 Thunderchief in Vietnam took place in August 1964, against anti-aircraft artillery sites on the Laos border, the most important bombing missions conducted by this US Air Force fighter-bomber was during Operation Rolling Thunder. It was a bombing campaign set in motion by Rober McNamara, […]

Heinkel He 100


The Heinkel He 100 was a prototype fighter aircraft designed and developed by Ernst Heinkel for the Luftwaffe. It performed its first test flight in 1938. Although it was a fast aircraft, with a modern design, it never entered active service with the German Air Force. Only a total of 25 He 100 aircraft were […]

History of Palestine (Summary)

The territory lying between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea had historically been known as the Palestine. It had been inhabited since pre-historic times by hunters and gatherers, sheep shepherds tribes, and neolithic farmers. In ancient times, from 3,000 to 600 BC, the Palestine was alternately part of the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Hittite empires, […]

Wilhelm List


Wilhelm List (1880-1971) was a German General who served in the Imperial German Army, the Reichswehr, and the Wehrmacht, from 1898 to 1943. He was born in Oberkirchberg, Württenberg, Germany. In 1898, at eighteen, he joined the Bavarian Army. By 1914, when War World I broke out, he had become a Captain, serving as a […]

B-2′s Weapons

The B-2 Spirit bomber is equipped with two internal bays capable of holding 23,000 kg of bombs (about 48,000 lb). Its bombload may include the following weapons: – 16 AGM-158 Joint Air-To-Surface Standoff Missiles, which are cruise missiles guided by inertial navigation system – 16 JDAM smart bombs -16 B83 nuclear bombs – 80 Mk-82 […]