WW2 Japanese Tanks


Although the Imperial Japanese Army fielded satisfactory medium tanks during World War II, about 80% of the armored vehicles production in Japan consisted of light tanks and tankettes, whose total number had risen to approximately 18,000 by 1945. Like the Italian ones, all the Japanese tank turrets and hulls were not cast in one piece, […]

WWI Trenches


The trenches of World War I were a series of deep ditches where the infantryman morbidly whiled away his existance for four long years. Dug by the fighting troops themselves, they were approximately 600-km-long on the Western Front, running in a winding or zig-zag pattern, from the Swiss border, through Northeastern France, to the North […]

Type 2 Ho-I


The Type 2 Ho-I was a WW2 medium tank in service with the Imperial Japanese Army from 1942 to 1945. To develop this tank, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries used the chassis of the Type 97 Chi-Ha, fitting it with a new turret that featured a 75-mm gun, capable of destroying small bunkers and pillboxes, and knocking […]

Type 89 I-GO


The Type 89 I-Go was a 13-ton tank fielded by the Imperial Japanese Army in the Sino-Japanese War and WWII. Massively produced, it entered service in 1931 and was mainly used in the infantry fire support role until 1945. It was fitted with a steel-plate riveted turret, excentrically situated towards the front on a long […]

Type 1 Chi-He


The Type 1 Chi-He was a Japanese medium tank used during the last stages of World War II. Being in service from late 1943 to 1945, it was deployed in the Philippines and saw combat action in the Battle of Leyte. The Type 1 Chi-He was developed from the Type 97 Chi-Ha, with a total […]

WWI Timeline

World War I was the first global armed conflict of the 20th century, which marked the collapse of Old Europe and its three empires: the German, the Austro-Hungarian, and the Russian Empires,. It was also the first industrial war, using weapons that were the by-products of the Second Industrial Revolution, forcing armies to change the […]