Map of ISIS-Controlled Areas


Since 2010, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)  insurgent army has been widening the territory under their control, spreading terror and mass murdering non-Islamic minorities as they go. Down below, a map that shows the areas under control of ISIS, in red.

ISIS Takes Mosul

In early June, 2014, the Islamic State terrorist group, known as ISIS, brought Mosul under complete military control after fierce fighting with Kurdish militia units, which were forced to retreat northward. Armed with T-55 tanks and 105mm artillery pieces, the terrorists had attacked the city from the south and from the east. Mosul is a […]

Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer


The Arleigh Burke Class is a series of 62 destroyers in service with the US Navy, with the first one of the class being the DDG-51 Arleigh Burke, which was launched in December 1988. They are armed with BGM-109 Tomahawk cruiser missiles, for land attack and provide fire support to ground troops, and RIM-66M and […]

ISIS Tactics and Objective


The fighting tactic used by ISIS, the terrorist group operating in Iraq, consists in launching a fast and surprise attack on an unprepared town, wreacking havoc to spread terror, and then take off as soon as possible in order to minimize the group’s casualties. Not giving the stricken population time to recover, they attack again […]

Battle of Breslau (1757)

The Battle of Breslau was a military engagement that took place in the context of the Seven Years War (1756-1763). It was fought between the Prussian Army and the Austrian forces on November 22, 1757, near Breslau, Prussia (today’s Poland). Having crossed the Lohe River, Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, the commander of the 80,000-men […]

Why was Tiger I the Best Tank?

The Panzerkampfwagen VI, or Tiger I, was the best tank of World War II for three reasons: 1) its 88-mm gun, 2) massive armor, 3) its highly-trained and experienced tank commanders and gunners. These three tank features made of this German steel mastodon one of the most leathal weapons of this armed conflict. The main […]