C1 Ariete Tank (Specifications)

The C1 Ariete is the Italian Army main battle tank. It is manufactured by two italian firms, Iveco-Fiat and Oto Melara, with the chassis being built by Iveco-Fiat, the turret and cannon by Oto Melara, and fire-control system by Galileo Avionica. The tank entered service in 1995, and since that year more than 300 units have been produced and upgraded. Weighing 54 tonnes, the Ariete is protected by armor plates made of steel/composite blend, whose exact and proportional composition is classified. This Italian tank is armed with a 120mm smooth-bore Oto Melara gun whose barrel is autofrettaged and stress-hardened to increase durability over extended periods of fire. Autofrettage is a metal fabrication technique which allow the use of kinetic energy penetrator and (HEAT) rounds. The Ariete is also fitted with two 7.62mm machine-guns.

The C1 Ariete is powered by a turbo-charged Fiat-Iveco 12-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 1250 hp at 2300 rpm, with a max torque of 4.615 Nm at 1600 rpm. This heavy tank has a range of 570 km and can reach a maximum speed of 70 km per hour (40 miles/h). The fire control system of the Ariete comprises day and night panoramic capability for the commander’s scope, stabilized gunner’s platform that includes thermal optics, a laser rangefinder to increase accuracy and expedite target detection and targeting, and a digital fire-control mini-computer, which is capable of measuring wind speed, humidity, and exterior weather conditions. "Ariete" is the Italian word for "battering ram", the weapon used by the ancient roman legions to break down fortress gates during a siege.

Specifications for the C1 Ariete

Type: heavy tank
Engine: one turbo-charged Fiat-Iveco 12-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 1250 hp
Maximum speed: 70 km/h
Range: 570 km
Armor: steel/composite plates
Weapons: one 120mm smoothbore Oto Melara gun; one 7.62mm coaxial machine-gun; one 7.62mm AA machine-gun
Weight: 54 tonnes
Width: 3.42 m
Crew: 4

C1 Ariete Tank (Video)

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