Char D2

The Char D2 was a French medium tank developed by Renault in the 1930s, entering service with 507e RCC (507th Tank Regiment), commanded by Charles de Gaulle, in 1937. The Char D2 was armed with a 47mm SA34 rifled gun, which was mounted on an APX1 rotating turret, and two 7.5mm machine guns. This French tracked armored vehicle was powered by a Renault V-6 gasoline engine, that produced 150 hp. Armor protection consisted of 40mm-thick steel plates on the front. In 1940, during the Battle of France, the Char D2 was not match for the German tanks, since the 47mm gun it was fitted with was effective against armored vehicle only at the range of about 100 m and its armor-piercing ammunition it shot could only penetrate steel plates of up to 24mm-thick; besides, this French tank was slow, both in its gun rate of fire, since the turret was manned only by the commander who loaded and fired the cannon, and in the maximum speed (only 23 km per hour) the tank was able to reach.


Weight: 20 tons
Width: 2.22 m
Length: 5.47 m
Height: 2.66 m
Engine: Renault V6

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