Thor 600mm Mortar

Thor was a 600mm-caliber heavy mortar used by the German Army during World War II. This self-propelled artillery piece was one of a series of seven 60 cm mortars known as Karl Gerät (040). Designed and developed by Rheinmetall between 1937 and 1940, six of these seven powerful mortars were used during Operation Barbarossa, on the Eastern Front, taking part in the siege of Brest Fortress, the siege of Sevastopol, and the siege of Warsaw during the Polish uprising. They were called "Thor", "Loki", "Odin", "Ziu", "Adam", and "Eva".

Thor had a 5.07m-long barrel, a hydro-pneumatic recoil, and a horizontal sliding-wedge breech. It moved on tracks and was powered by a Daimler-Benz MB 507 C diesel engine, delivering 580 horsepower; for long distances it was transported by railways. Thor fired 2,170-kg concrete piercing shells to a range of 6.5 km (7 miles) with an elevation of 60º. These shells could penetrate 2.5m-thick reinforced concrete and 350mm-thick steel armor.


Type: heavy siege mortar
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Rheinmetall
Weight: 124 metric tons
Caliber: 600mm (60cm)
Barrel length: 5.02 m
Breech: horizontal sliding-wedge
Range: 6.5 km
Rate of fire: six rounds per hour
Engine: Daimler-Benz MB 507 C diesel, 580hp

Thor mortar and other German Heavy Artillery Pieces (Video)

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